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ConnetiCon…you’re in one week…and I’m nowhere near done with my one costume…


And I originally intended on making three Sailor Senshi outfits.  What the hell was I thinking?!!!

Oh well, it seems that everyone is bugging out about not being ready.  Where the hell did this con creep up from?!!



If it isn’t fun and you don’t want to do it then don’t. I am still going to love having you visit and believe me, if you can get to Otakon and we do it then that would be awesome because it gives me more time for props and shoes.

Besides, we all know one day is for Sherlock and its going to be a tough day to dress like a Londoner in July in CT.

Besides, I’m planning on a comfy day and maybe pulling an Adventure Time cosplay out of my ass, but I’m not sure.

Although my Greaser Joan cosplay keeps calling out to me….but I’d have no Sherlock ;A;

Regardless of what happens, there are always more cons. And you are bootiful and wonderful no matter what.


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